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OppaJjang is a brand focusing on K-Pop/Hallyu t-shirts and merchandising based in Indonesia. As passionate K-Pop/Hallyu fans ourselves, we feel that there's not many way to show our love for our favorite idols. We love to buy official merchandises, but mostly are very expensive so we can't spend too much money on it. So we decided to create this brand, graphic t-shirts inspired by our favorite K-Pop songs and idol groups to reflect our love and support for our idols.

Our philosophy in creating the design is to wear something fashionable and we can be proud to wear it daily - outside or inside your home.The t-shirts doesn't necessarily have idol group logos pasted on it, but rather we use song lyrics, album titles, fandom name - which is like a secret code between K-Pop/Hallyu fans who understands :)

Welcome to Oppa-Jjang! ^.^
| This is us! Two fangirls who have serious love for our oppas and Korea. |

I have been following k-pop/k-drama industry for around 7 years. My life is filled with k-pop songs, love for k-dramas, happiness from k-variety shows, and of course tons of biases. Over the years, I loved so many k-pop solo singers and groups. Starting from Se7en (my very first ultimate bias ever), FT Island, B2ST, Infinite, B.A.P, Shinhwa, BTOB, and Seo In Guk. My most favorite group right now are Infinite and Shinhwa. My ultimate bias is Kim Myungsoo/L from Infinite, but after that chocoholic-ulzzang-rumour going on, now Seo In Guk is also my ultimate bias. But I have to admit, I can't hate dorky Myungsoo. 

Hi everyone! A bit about myself; my name is Ivonna, living in Indonesia and i’m 92liner.  I started loving k-pop and everything korean since I watched Dream High three years ago. Since then, my favorite k-pop group has always been 2PM. For them, i created a 2PM and K-pop blog: My ultimate bias is Jun. K and Taecyeon. These two dorks will always be my ultimate bias even though my eyes may looking at other people (read: another handsome oppars). Lol. Beside 2PM, i also like other K-pop idol groups like MBLAQ, B2ST, BTOB, Infinite, U-Kiss, etc. Anyway, I hope i can share my opinion and interest with you through this blog. Please support our blog and share the love!❤

.About the Blog.
We started this blog because of our love for oppa and we want to share news and information related with Hallyu to everyone who are interested. Because this is our passion, we made this blog with a happy and joyful heart (●´▽`). Another reason is, we also want to make k-pop merchandises which we will sell in this blog. We want to try and earn money so we can go to Korea and meet oppa. ^3^ Hopefully everyone can enjoy reading this blog and support us! 


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